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Episode 15: Event Venue Construction

In early 2014 we finished the renovation of the Serendipity cabin. We actually had to move it from its original location just further down the riverside to give it some privacy and to allow space for our event venue. After the move, we elevated the cabin over a new foundation and added a bathroom.  Then […]

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Episode 14: The Electric connection

Saturday, November 2, 2013 We have been waiting a long time to get the certificate of occupancy from Wilkes County.  When we got it we immediately called Duke Energy to get our electricity connected.  We had temporary service but now we needed to have the permanent lines installed. The field engineer (who shall remain nameless) […]

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Episode 8: The Entrance

Sunday, May 19, 2013 Tom wanted the vineyard to have a beautiful entrance.  He had seen one in a development in Charlotte he really liked so he decided to build it.  I am more practical, I wanted to prioritize the projects that will bring in revenue.  We talked about it for quite a while and […]

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