Episode 8: The Entrance

Sunday, May 19, 2013
Tom wanted the vineyard to have a beautiful entrance.  He had seen one in a development in Charlotte he really liked so he decided to build it.  I am more practical, I wanted to prioritize the projects that will bring in revenue.  We talked about it for quite a while and I could tell he really wanted this, and since this vineyard was “his baby” I agreed to go forward with it. Even though it does not always make sense, sometimes you just have to be flexible.  It is Tom’s dream and I want to be supportive. I can always prioritize the other revenue producing projects and create balance!
So here are a few pictures showing you the progression of the construction for the front entrance.
dsc01512 dsc00042 tom-in-front-of-cleared-property-and-cowgate-1 joey-in-front-of-uncleared-property
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