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Friday, February 8, 2013


Welcome to the Roaring River Blog.

Many people have asked me: What made you decide to start a vineyard? or How does one start a vineyard? Well these stories can take a while to answer so I decided to start a blog that chronicles our journey from the point when we bought the property until present day.

The story is told in short episodes that are easy to read and to the point. The development of our vineyard is still underway and will take some time before it is completed.

My husband Tom focuses on the vineyard management while I focus on planning, construction, design, marketing and vacation rentals.

We have a vision for our business and it will take several more years before all our development projects are completed. So far we have planted our vineyards and are starting to make wine. We are planning to build some event venues, wine-tasting room, and our very own home on top of the mountain.

The vacation rentals are being activated at the end of March 2013 – so check us out on Vacation Rentals by Owners (VRBO) to book your next vacation.

There are many attractions in the local area and there are some on our vineyards as well. So come and stay with us, we would love to make your acquaintance.

Thank you for visiting our blog, and for joining us on our development journey.

Josephine Silvey

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Notice: The restaurant and tasting room will be open for Memorial Day, Monday May 25. 2020 from 12pm until 6pm. Our vacation rentals are open every day. In an emergency please contact owner Tom Silvey at 336-469-0775. Thank you.